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Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia

1.  What caught your attention from the article?

-  The article was wrote in 1960 and the examples of the main idea were kind of old (there was a phrase when the Autor said that in 1980 the cars maybe work with solar energy instead of gas energy).

-  Another thing that caught my attention was the phrase” If thinking is an intellectual response to a problem, then the absence of a problem leads to the absence of thinking”.

-  Henry Ford had the idea to sell cars for $500 USD so, he create a new system to accomplish his vision; however, the most of the people think that the price was a consequence of this new system

-  Petroleum industry has survive through the time with innovations from outside of the industry

2.  Why it caught my attention?

-  Even if the article is 57 years old it is extremely practical nowadays. We can see this myopia in most of the companies in the present time. If we continue with the example of petroleum sector it is obvious that they are making the same since always: thinking that no other product is comparable with petroleum. However, we can see that electric cars are in roads, and the development of other energy resources, more suitable according to the green wave we are into, are being taking into account in new projects along the world.

-  The main problem of the companies is thinking that if the market is growing, so the product is being sale and is a huge success, so there is no need to innovate. But, as we read, the lack of innovation, creativity and focus on the client needs, are going to make the product obsolete because if the industry does not innovate, other person/sector will.

-  This was shocking for me, because in every book confirm that Henry Ford was the father of assembly line production and the main consequence was he could sell cars in a very low price for the time. But it makes sense when Ford himself said that his main idea for selling so many cards and supply transportation needs was to create the way to make this happened.

-  Reading and realize that petroleum industry is still working like 100 years ago and their survive is only because other industries has develop products that need petroleum shows that this sector has been very lucky. However, other important matter of this survival is the most of the governments support this industry, making that other products that has more benefits over petroleum, are boycott and relegate in the shadows that make that a few people try to develop new ideas.

3.  How apply what I learnt

-  As a professional manager, it is my duty to create an environment focus on the client needs. This is very important because all the company must be on the same page and pursuit the same things. For that reason, is necessary being always in touch with the client and check all the new trends, ideas, visions and more to be according to the client needs.

A very important thing that I learn, and maybe the most of the companies are no willing to do is the fact that, maybe one day, the company has to start over again because my product or service is no longer need it for the client. This can be scary, but is change or disappear from the market.

4.  What I am going to do

-  What I learnt here can be applied in every aspect of my life: since get a promotion to get new abilities. The world is changing very fast and the needs change as well.

This article is helping me to create an idea for my business plan, not only for the specialization but the company I want to develop as entrepreneur and my living form.


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